Ney as Healing Instrument and for Inner Growth

The Sufis consider it the symbol of the perfect human being who, empty of ego, offers no resistance to the divine breath, thus becoming a channel for the divine.

With this in mind one can say the work of learning to play the ney does not merely consist in acquiring a simple musical and instrumental technique, but also implies working on the internal aspect of the player, as ultimately the musician is the ney, and thus becomes the true instrument of the Supreme Artist.

In Sufism, it is used as a ritual instrument with which SEMA (whirling dervish) ceremonies are initiated, and in fact is an invocation of the divine presence, a prayer in sound and music, beyond words, using the language of the heart, sending a message to the soul that brings about an interior transformation and a call to unity, to reunion.

This is why the ney is an important instrument in SUFI HEALING MUSIC, an age-old technique developed by the shamans of Central Asia and later used to great success in the hospitals of Al-Andalus and the Ottoman Empire as a way of balancing the body, emotions and spirit.

Many are the secrets held within the ney, and in this workshop I will help you to discover them.

To this end we will carry out a series of exercises by means of which we connect with our interior being and which help us to unfold our latent abilities through becoming sensitive to energy, through creative visualisation, energetic movement, breathing, voice work and improvisation, Sufi mantras and other experiences which will aid us in opening the heart. All this will make us understand the true meaning of this instrument of interior transformation and alchemy which is the ney, for it is not only a musical instrument, but much more...

In this workshop we will become familiar with the ney and there will also be a session of SUFI HEALING MUSIC (Oriental and Al-Andalus Music Therapy) for the participants with live music, in which one can experience the healing capacity of this instrument, which for me has been the doorway of entry to this ancient Sufi technique used in times of old in the hospitals of Al-Andalus and the Middle East.

Definitively, this workshop is intended as an initiation, on many levels, for those who wish to enter the world of the ney and Oriental Music Therapy and who are interested in carrying out work for interior growth and transformation, in addition to those who wish to begin the study of Turkish music and continue with the teachings of Oriental Music Therapy.

For this initiation workshop in the ney as an instrument of healing and internal alchemy, no prior knowledge of music is necessary, only an openness to experiencing and sharing.

Escuchad la canción de la caña:
Cómo lamenta el dolor de la separación:
“Desde que fui cortada de mi cañaveral,
mis lastimeras notas hacen llorar a hombres y mujeres.
Busco a los de corazón desgarrado por la separación,
pues solo ellos entienden el dolor de esta añoranza.
Anhela el día del retorno cualquiera que sea separado de su tierra natal.
A coro con los que se regocijan o entristecen lanzo el mismo lamento.
Cada cual lo escucha según su propia comprensión,
más nadie ha desentrañado los secretos de mi interior.
Mi secreto se encuentra en mi lamento, más un ojo o un oido sin luz no pueden conocerlo…”
Del fuego y no del viento procede el sonido de la caña.
¿Para qué vale la propia vida sin este fuego?
Es el fuego del amor el que otorga música a la caña,
Es el fermento del amor el que da sabor al vino.
La canción de la caña alivia el dolor del amor perdido
y su música levanta los velos del corazón.
¿Existe acaso veneno más amargo o azúcar más dulce que la melodía de la caña?
Si queries llegar a oírla,
Habréis de abandonar todo cuando alguna vez hayáis sabido.